Organic Dairy

In the spring of 2007 we joined the CROPP cooperative Organic Valley Family of Farms, and began producing superior quality milk from a beautiful herd of Jersey cows and a handful of obliging Devonís. The extraordinary curiosity, docile nature, and adorable faces of the Jersey cow attracted us to the breed, not to mention their small size and wonderful butterfat. Tyler traveled all over New England optimistically encouraging friends and farmers to part with one or two of their cows to help us begin our Jersey family. In addition to a few Devon cows, we began our journey as dairy farmers with eighteen wonderful girls. With their fantastic grazing skills, and overwhelming willingness to tolerate our newness, this group of cows has won our hearts, and taught us more about the earth, about farming, and about our relationship with food then any amount of schooling or reading could ever have done. The past two years have led to many lessons learned, two milk quality awards, and a huge posse of adorable calves. We are now milking just over thirty cows here at Stony Pond, and continue to look forward to the future evolution of our herd, our farm, and the lives of all those who support us by enjoying our fantastic products.

Why Organic Valley? Starting a farm from scratch is really hard! When Tyler arrived here in 2002, for the most part the farm had been largely ignored. Pouring hard work, blood, sweat, and just about every penny we had or could imagine having into the farm, we built an infrastructure our cows could be proud of. Sadly in addition to almost full time farming, off farm jobs were required to make ends meet. It was during this time we discovered a small farmer owned cooperative more commonly known as Organic Valley. The basic principles of this group of like minded farmers come together to create now the nations largest certified organic cooperative, was to pool our quality products together, and create marketing strength to help each other get these products to the families who needed them, and receive a stable pay price so we could continue to do so. The real beauty of Organic Valley is the cooperative structure. We the farmers establish how we want to farm. In the case of Organic Valley it means going even above and beyond that of the USDA national organic program standards, and creating the first true pasture based dairy coop. It means working closely with nature in implementing our production systems that produce the highest quality of dairy products, and it means receiving a fair price so that we as farmers can assure we can continue to produce that quality product our wonderfully loyal customers have come to expect.

Raw Milk? At Stony Pond Farm, we are so proud of our rich quality milk, and fortunate enough to live in a state whose vision for strong rural freedoms and quality agriculture ensure the legality of raw milk sales that we have developed some wonderful relationships with folks who purchase raw milk directly from the farm. Bi-weekly bulk tank samples, and monthly individual cow samples aid us in ensuring our raw milk is superior in quality, taste, fridge life, and processing ease. If you are interested in raw milk, please E-mail us, and we can aid you with directions and instructions of how to obtain it.