Purchasing our Beef

Individual Cuts & Bulk Orders

Stony Pond Farm organic beef is available in frozen cuts at the Burlington Farmers’ Market, May through the end of October and at our on-farm store in Fairfield, or in bulk through our cow share program.

All individual cuts are processed at a Vermont inspected processing plant, cryovaced, and labeled. Bulk orders are wrapped in freezer wrap and boxed for pick up at the farm or delivery.

Frozen Individual Cuts

Ultra tender….The best!!!



Very tender, great flavor, bone for broth.


Tender cut...good flavor, great on the grill or pan.


Tender cut, good flavor, bone for broth.


Top Round
Good cut, easy cooker, grill, fry or roast.


Sirloin Tip
Good flavor, great griller, pan, or stir fry.


London Broil
Good flavor, great griller or roast cut.


Eye-Round Roast
Lean piece, great flavor, juicy slow. cooker


Bottom Round Roast
Strong flavor, slow cooker, great roast.


Pot Roast
Fantastic slow cooking flavor! Bone for broth.


Stew Beef
Great for stew, chili, stir-fry, or soup.


Ground Beef
Burgers, Shepard's pie, soup, chili, etc...